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Como’s Top Dog Walking and Minding Services

Keep your pet fighting fit with the help of our convenient local services. Your dog is your best friend, a member of your family; they’re forever happy to see you, never criticize, and are always up for a cuddle or two. There’s no doubt about it, owning a dog can be incredibly rewarding but sometimes it can be hard to give them all the attention they need. If you struggle to walk your dog on a regular basis, or feel guilty about leaving them home alone for long stretches of time, then Dog Around Town is the company for you. We provide a range of cost effective services around Como that enables you to manage your dog’s health and wellbeing and juggle a full time work schedule. Our professional walkers and minders offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your fur baby remains happy and healthy.

Keep your Pet Happy with the Help of our Professional Dog Walkers

Many people are at least vaguely aware that most dogs need exercise, but in fact regular walking is a vital component in maintaining the physical and mental health of the animal. It’s simply not enough to have your dog running around the yard or play fetch in the park, they need walking to fulfill their migratory instincts and explore their territory. Even older dogs and smaller breeds need at least a 20 minute walk a day to provide them with the necessary cardiovascular exercise and mental stimulation. Our seasoned walkers are more than happy to tailor their services to the needs of your pooch, whether that be a leisurely group walk where they can socialize with other dogs from the area or a bracing solo run.  We also offer a number of minding services for your pet as well as house sitting if you’re going away and feel your dog will need some extra attention and supervision.
We work with animals throughout Como and know the area well, so let your dog join in on the fun and contact us today.