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Kirrawee’s Favourite Dog Walkers

We know can be a struggle to care for your fur baby whilst juggling a full time schedule, so we’ve devised a series of services to help you out. As an important member of your family, the health and wellbeing of your dog is undoubtedly a matter close to your heart. An important part of caring for your animal is taking them on daily walks and providing them with regular social interactions. Our services are designed to help you provide your pup with these things and take some of the pressure off you, the owner. We offer a comprehensive range of dog walking and minding services throughout Kirrawee, which we are more than happy to tailor to the needs of you and your pet.

Professional Walking and Minding to Ensure Your Dog’s Wellbeing

Many pet owners aren’t really aware of just how important regular walks are in maintaining the physical and mental health of your animal. Although your dog’s cardiovascular exercise needs can be met playing in the backyard or tearing around the park; walking is the only activity that can stimulate your dog mentally, promote good social behavior and fulfill their natural migratory instincts. As experienced walkers, we know that every dog has its own special needs and so we tailor our services to suit the age, needs, and temperament of your pet.
In addition to walking, regular social interaction is important for your pet’s mental health. Dogs are famously pack creatures, descended from the wolf, they need to bond and play with other animals or people in order to stay healthy. This can be a hard thing for pet owners to provide if their schedule keeps them away from home and so we offer a range of minding, visiting and housesitting services to ensure your pet gets all the TLC it needs.
As a local company, we walk pets from throughout the Kirrawee area, so let your dog join in on the fun and contact us today about our walking and minding services.